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Nino Di Cavolo, President of SiciliaFiera, reveals the innovative dynamics of HEYSUN, the first major trade fair in Southern Italy dedicated to renewable energy!

From September 25 to 27, 2024, HEYSUN will be a revolutionary convention highlighting the latest developments in solar, photovoltaics, wind power, geothermal, green hydrogen and much more.

Listen to Lucio Di Mauro’s interview with Nino Di Cavolo on Sicilia 24 TV and discover how to reach new customers and become a key player in the energy transition.

2024 is a special year for SiciliaFiera, which will present its first event of its own on 25-26-27 September: HEYSUN, the great Mediterranean expo dedicated to renewable energies.

HEYSUN will be a significant focus for Sicily, which is currently a key location for renewable energy investments.

Why is it important to turn our attention to the hydrogen vector and the methods and technologies for its generation to meet the energy needs of the near future? This is explained by Prof. Ing. Rosario Lanzafame, coordinator of the HEYSUN Scientific Technical Committee, who in this interview illustrates the fundamental role of thermal energy, as well as electricity, in the energy transition process.

HEYSUN is the major Mediterranean trade fair dedicated to renewable energies. It will be presented by SiciliaFiera on September 25-27, 2024. This event will showcase the concrete effectiveness of a sustainable model based on the generation of fully renewable hydrogen. It will also highlight the central role that Sicily can play as a Mediterranean hub in this context.

Listen to the interview and discover the themes that will be discussed at the HEYSUN expo.

The council member emphasized the importance of supporting the region, highlighting the firm belief of the department and the regional government in projects that unite all aspects of the territory.

These initiatives are important sharing opportunities because the European Union encourages cooperation and collaboration with all entities.

The speech of Marco Corsaro, Mayor of Misterbianco, in a short interview.

We strongly believe in the goodness and rightness of the Siciliafiera project, which aims to put at the centre of Sicily and Southern Italy a unique opportunity for growth and development. Siciliafiera with Heysun creates an opportunity for discussion and collaboration on crucial issues such as energy transition, a fundamental issue for our communities.

Energy transition is a challenge that concerns us all, with significant costs for local authorities and citizens. Events like HeySun are essential for sharing innovative ideas and projects that can reduce energy costs and bring added value to our territory.