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HEYSUN is an aggregator of technology and knowledge, the place where key industry stakeholders meet. A showcase in which to propose and discover the main and most innovative solutions from the world of sustainable energy.

Develop your business, reach new customers and open up new markets

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HEYSUN, is strategically placed in Sicily, with huge advantages for relationships, trade and territory.

Sicily is commonly referred to as the island of sun. Indeed, three of the sunniest cities in all of Europe are located on the island.
On average, a photovoltaic plant in Sicily produces between 1,440 and 1,650 electric kWh for each kWp of installed module power. In 2023, the trend was rising further and almost exclusively based on Sicilian performance (85% of the authorized national output in 2023, and within the next five years will rise to about 25 GW of electric power). In fact, according to the President of the European Commission, Sicily has the potential to become a hub for sustainable energy in Europe with an ideal location for the development of sustainable energy projects.
The Italian Council of Ministers then unblocked photovoltaic projects for a total of 619 MW electric power, greatly exceeding, in just over a year, the previous 355 MW.
Sicily is a territory located in a crucial position in the Mediterranean Sea, at the heart of Europe and interconnected with the interesting markets of the Arab and-Middle Eastern countries and the wider African markets.

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